Housing Accomodations

Residents in need of housing accommodation due to a need diagnosed by a licensed professional MUST submit a Request for Disability Housing Accommodation.

Students requesting housing accommodation must complete ALL of the following steps:

1) Apply for Housing: Complete the on-campus Housing Application online by posted application deadlines, pay the required reservation fee, and receive a “contract acceptance notice” email from the Housing and Residence Life Office.

2) Part 1: Student submits Request for Disability Housing Accommodation to Disability Services.

3) Part 2: Diagnosing Professional submits Documentation of Disability and returns it to Disability Services by your respective deadline.

Submit request (Part 1 and Part 2) to Disability Services by your respective deadline for consideration:

Disability Services
5200 N. Lake Road - SSB 230 
Merced, CA 95343
Phone: 209-228-6996
Fax: 209-228-4661
Email: disabilityservices@ucmerced.edu

Deadlines: All requests for accommodation and required documentation are due by the last day of the month that housing applications are due (by Student Classification):


Housing Accommodation Deadline Student Classification

March 31

Continuing Student (includes second year guaranteed)

May 31

Incoming First-year Students (freshmen)

June 30

New Transfer Students
SPRING Housing  

Nov. 30

All spring housing applicants
SUMMER Housing  

April 30

All summer housing applicants