2017 Housing Application - Incoming Students

Application Process for Incoming First Year Students

Incoming first-year students are students who are applying to college for the first time and who do not currently attend UC Merced. New transfer students should refer to the transfer application page. 

Make your Plan

In preparation for the housing application renewal period, explore your housing options and get familiar with the process.  Decide where you want to live next year, and with whom do you want to live with?  Do you favor a particular building or would you rather move off campus and sign a lease with some friends in the Bellevue neighborhood?  Take some time to map out a plan, and involve a parent or family member in your decision making.


Apply for Priority
On-Campus Housing

The application is FREE, takes only five minutes to complete.  Everyone who applies by the deadline is guaranteed, and late applicants will go on the waitlist.

We are still accepting applications for incoming students who were admitted after the May 1st deadline. 

Apply Online with the MyHousing Portal

Select Roommates

Once you submit your housing application, you and up to 5 friends can request to be roommates.  If you want to be proactive about your roommate situation but you do not have someone in mind, you may search for a compatible roommate through our secure MyHousing portal. To select roommates, you will first need to create or join a Roommate Group on the housing application. 

Assignment Details

ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: Room assignments will be sent out in July along with roommate information and move-in details. Assignments will be made based on roommate selections and housing preferences made on the application. 

Starting in July, you will be given access to our pre-check-in online tool that will cover many of the important details you need to know when you move in. Completing this before you arrive to campus will greatly speed your check-in experience. All you will need to do is pick up your keys and be ready to go.