UC Merced Dining Services

Conference and Guest Meals

We understand meals are an important component to any conference or event. UC Merced Dining Services is dedicated to providing quality meal offerings and outstanding service. We offer a variety of meal plans that offer flexibility for our guests.

The Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center consists of eight different food concepts aimed to provide a wide variety of options.  Lakeside Catering is also available for conference guests looking for an upscale experience. Please visit Lakeside Catering’s website for more information. Meal plans are available to conference groups staying on campus. Groups may choose between a declining balance or a flat meal rate plan.

Conference Meal Plans

Flat Rate Meal with Group Identificaiton
Dine at the Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center. Each guest will receive a single pass through the Dining Center. A single pass includes an entrée with two sides, a beverage, and a dessert.  Groups will be provided a means for the cashier to identify members of your group (sticker on CatCard or wrist band). The size of your group can determine the number of options available to you. Groups larger than 100 guests may request additional offerings through the Conference Coordinator. All meals come with a Fountain Beverage or bottled water.

A La Carte Dining w/ CatCard
Dine at the Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center. You decide how much money to allocate to each conference guest for a la carte purchases. This option best mimics the, “collegiate experience”. Unused plan dollars are non- refundable. 

Meals and Rates
Breakfast       $  8.50
Brunch           $10.50
Lunch            $10.50
Dinner           $11.50

Lakeside Catering

With the expertise of our Lakeside Catering staff, we can help you plan a wide range of beverage and food service menu items, from refreshment breaks to barbecues and elegant luncheons or evening banquets. Boxed meals and specialty desserts are also available from Lakeside Catering. For more information on Lakeside Catering including menus, please visit our website or talk to our conference coordinator who can assist develop your meal.

Contact Debbie Henderson, for more information.