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July 25, 2014 - In This Issue:
Kites & Kicks
Keeping our Bathrooms Clean
OSL Santa Cruz Boardwalk Trip
Kites & Kicks
Sat., July 26th
6:00 PM to 8:45 PM
Recreation Field
Tired of being indoors? Well come outside to the field with friends at 6pm and enjoy a competitive game of kickball, but don't sweat it, we will end the day with an exciting water balloon toss!
Wed., July 30th
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Crescent Arch
Ever had the chance to play Mafia? 

On Wednesday(7/30) you will have to play with resident! Don't miss out on the chance to figure out if the townspeople can get rid of the mafia that have sneaked their way into the town!
Keeping our Bathrooms Clean
Just a reminder that every resident needs to help keep the bathrooms clean. Here are some ways that you can contribute:
  • Throw away paper and other items 
  • Take your personal room trash to the trash chutes - don't leave it in the bathroom
  • If you cut hair or wash dishes, make sure to clean up afterwards
There is a contest to see which floor can keep the cleanest bathrooms so talk to your RAs for more information. 


OSL Santa Cruz Boardwalk Trip!
Sign up for a chance to Santa Cruz for the day. Join other Bobcats to get some Vitamin D on the beach and check out the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk attractions. Participants will receive a unlimited ride wristband for the day! The Office of Student Life will provide transportation to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and participants will need to be responsible for bringing snacks/food/meals for the day.

Date: Friday, August 1
Depart Campus: 8am
Depart Santa Cruz: 6:30pm (Approximately arriving back to campus around 9pm)

Please bring your sunblock/sunscreen, beach towels, etc. and relax/enjoy a day at the beach! Bring extra spending money if you are interested in taking advantage of what the Boardwalk has to offer such as rides, entertainment and snacks!

Space is limited for this trip. To sign up, please complete the form below and visit OSL (KL 184) to leave a $20 deposit. Both online registration and a deposit are required to secure a spot on this trip.  

Click here to sign up

This event is part of OSL's Summer 2014 Programming. For more information, please contact Onar Primitivo at


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