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Building Safe and Inclusive Learning Communities

Elevator Policy

Elevator Use Policy and Procedures for Disability Access

Residents of the Sierra Terraces who are requesting elevator access because of a permanent or temporary disability need or a resident hosting a guest with such needs may request the use of the elevator and when permission is given, may sign out a temporary key for that elevator access.

Duration: Residents with a disability who require elevator access will be issued a key for the duration of the contract period. Residents with a temporary disability may sign out the key for the duration of their temporary disability condition. In these cases, the resident may be asked to contact the office periodically to provide updates on their progress and re-establish a key return date.

Guests: Should a resident’s guest require elevator access, the resident may sign out a key from the office for the duration of the guests visit (typically one day).

Responsibility: The resident signing out the elevator key assumes all responsibility for the condition of the elevator. This includes damage and vandalism. Therefore, the resident is expected to lock the elevator after each use and limit access to riders in need. The key must remain in the possession of the resident and the resident assumes responsibility for a lost or damaged key.