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Heritage Apartments

UC Merced partners with Heritage Management to provide new opportunities for upper-class and transfer housing. Students living in our new Heritage community will reside in 2-4 person apartments within the Merced community while maintaining many of the conveniences of on-campus housing. Apartments will be fully furnished (bedroom and living room furniture) and include kitchens.

Apartments are configured as:

  • 1 shared room + 1 bath (2 people)
  • 2 private rooms + 1 bath (2 people)
  • 2 shared rooms + 2 bath (4 people)
  • 1 shared room + 1 private room + 1 bath (3 people)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to live in the Heritage Apartments?

Continuing and new transfer students are eligible to live in the Heritage Apartments. 

Where would I be living? Is this considered on-campus housing?

Residents living in these apartments would be housed in one of the three Heritage complexes in the Merced community. While residents will physically reside off-campus, they will lease the apartments through Housing & Residence Life and will be considered as living on campus for purposes for policies, administration and financial aid. Roommates can be any gender.

Heritage Complexes

Northwood Villiage 
255 Snowhaven Ct | Merced, CA 95348

Village Landing
3601 San Jose Ave | Merced, CA 95348 

Village Terrace
3827 San Jose Ave | Merced, CA 95348

Are the apartments open over breaks?

Yes, the Heritage apartments will be open for all break periods including Winter Recess for the duration of their housing contract. 

What parking will be available?

Please read this important notice from Transportation and Parking Services about parking at Heritage Apartments and on-campus. 

UCM Heritage Residents will NOT be allowed to purchase a UCM commuter parking pass, however they can purchase a UCM Heritage carpool permit. Please note Heritage carpool spaces will be limited and released on a first come, first serve bases. For all other parking fees visit the TAPS web site,

At this time, there is no guaranteed additional transportation to the Heritage Apartments.  HRL is working with TAPS to increase shuttle service around the Heritage apartments starting fall 2016.  Currently, if students need to get to campus for 7:30 am classes and live at the Village Landing/Terrace they can ride the cat track shuttle C2 line that will pick-up students at 5:45 am and 6:42 am. Students in Northwood Village can ride the FastCat line at 7:00 am, or the C-1 shuttle at 6:25 am.                                                                                                                                                                    
For more details click on this link to visit the CatTracks web page,

What kind of staff or police presence will there be in the apartments? 

The UC Merced Police Department is responsible for responding to emergencies at the Heritage apartments and their nearest station is located on M street.  Also, there will be RAs living in the communities and they can help provide support to students who need help. 

What furniture is included? 

There will be standard bedroom furniture (bed, desk, dresser) and living room furniture (couch, table) which will be similar to on-campus furnature. Some of the apartments will include microwaves and all will include refrigerators. The apartments will have ceiling lights and depending on individual needs students may have to purchase their own floor or desk lamps. Residents will be responsible for toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Washers/dryers are included in supported apartments, other units will receive a laundry card for use at complex facilities. Internet service is included but cable TV is not.