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Service Types

Drop and Go- This is our most casual service choice.  The food and drinks are both served on disposable/compostable ware, this means that your hot food will not have a heat source once delivered.  Your guest will have disposable plates, silverware, and drinkware. There is no delivery fee for this choice, and also does not include any pick up or linen service.  It is your responsibility to dispose of anything remaining at the end of your event. Great for afternoon meetings, student events, and casual lunches.

Buffet Service No China- Like Drop and Go service, your guests will enjoy their food and drinks with disposable ware.  The food will be presented on the buffet on china platters, chaffers to keep warm food warm and drinks will be in temperature appropriate dispensers. Catering will provide linens for the buffet line, any other linens require will need to be placed on your order.  There is a $25 flat fee for this service choice and it includes pick up service at the end of your event for the equipment and linen. This options is great for receptions, business meetings, and student events.

Buffet Service- Like Buffet Service No China, the buffet will be presented on china platters and will have chaffers for warm food, but your guest will also be using china for their meal and glassware for beverages.  Silverware will be rolled in linen napkins for sit-down meals. This service choice is provided for a per person charge of $2.99.  If you wish to have plates cleared from the table during your event or for the food to be served by our staff from the buffet, that option is available by requesting service staff.  This option is good for more formal meals and receptions. 

Preset China Service- For this option, all food will be individually plated on china.  The table will be set with placemats, linen napkins and all required beverage and silverware for the meal you have chosen.  Lakeside Catering staff will set everything that has been ordered prior to the start of your event, and will not be present during your event for drink refills or bussing of dishes.  Preset China Service has a per person fee of $2.99 and no service staff is required.  Your event will be completely picked up and cleared by our staff at the time that you designate on your order.  Please let us know if you require linen for this event, depending on your meeting space. This option works great with our entrée salads, but if you choose a warm entrée we will leave plate covers on the meal to ensure that the temperature is maintained.  Formal business meetings and other gatherings that require no interruptions are the best for this choice.

Full Plated- This is our most formal option and highest level of service.  Like Preset China service, the table will be set with all of the appropriate silverware, glassware, and placemats if desired.  The meal will be served and bussed by our highly trained staff throughout your event, along with drink refills. Table Linen is provided if necessary for event, please indicate how many tables you will be needing for your guests.  This option has a per person china fee of $2.99, along with the necessary service staff and chef fee that will be determined by our team depending on the requirements of your event. Service staff will be on hand throughout your event for all necessary cleanup of the event. This option is suggested for high end dinners and multi-course meals.