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Be A Good Neighbor

Living off campus does not evade your responsibility as a member of the UC Merced community.

UC Merced Bobcats always strive to make good impressions and one of the most important ways is by being a good neighbor.

Here are a few tips to foster good neighbor relations:

  • Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself when you first move in or early in the semester.
  • Encourage your neighbors to call you first if there are any problems at your house such as loud music, litter, etc. Be respectful and responsive to their concerns.
  • Offer to help your neighbors, especially if they are elderly or infirm. Good deeds cultivate goodwill.
  • Keep your yard neat and picked-up.
  • Don’t allow your pets to run wild.

Please be advised that UC Merced has the right to extend its jurisdiction to address inappropriate behaviors happening off campus. Specific information about Good Neighbor Relations can be found in the Student clause 709.30.

Remember to model excellence when you are on or off campus. UC Merced may respond to complaints from our neighbors.