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Spring 2017 Move-Out - Residence Halls

Residents are asked to move out 24 hours after their last final exam and are strongly encouraged to move out prior to Saturday, May 13th due to Commencement traffic. 

All residents must be moved out by Saturday, May 13th at 4:30 PM. Move out will be restricted to 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM on Saturday.


Move-Out Process

  1. You must obtain a Check-Out envelope from one of the housing offices or key drops near the mailboxes. 
  2. Remove all of your belongings from the room and common area. Lock and close your room/suite door.
  3. Complete and sign the form on the outside of the Check-Out envelope.
  4. Place the room key and mailbox key (Summits residents) in the envelope.
  5. Seal and drop off the envelope at your Housing Office or the Check Out Key Drop box slot by the mailroom NO LATER THAN 4:30pm on May 13, 2017.
Residents will be notified of any charges and will have the opprotunity to submit an appeal.
Late Move Out Fee
A late move out fee of $50/hr. will be assessed to residents who have not moved out by 4:30 PM on Saturday, May 13th.

Move-Out Appointments

Residents also have the option to schedule an appointment with an RA to review their Room Condition Report prior to checkout. 
  • Appointments are available 12 pm to 8 pm May 8-12 and from 1 pm to 4 pm on May 13.
  • Appointments must be scheduled by 5 pm on Sunday, May 8.
  • At the time of your appointment, an RA will meet you at your room to complete the walkthrough. If you are not ready to move out at that time, you will complete the regular check out process listed above.
  • To schedule your appointment, log into your housing portal starting May 1st. 

If there is damage to your room, visit the office for a Damage Claim form so the responsible parties can make note before the move-out process. 

Parking Options

Download Passes Here:

The Summits

Valley Terraces

Sierra Terraces

Monday, May 8th - Tuesday, May 9th
Residents can move out from designated loading/unloading spots. Additional spots will be made available behind Calaveras Hall.
Wednesday, May 10th - Friday, May 12th 
(9 am until 5 pm)
Parking will be designated in Lake Lot 1, along Scholars Lane and along Mammoth Lake Rd. Cars will be expected to display the parking pass for their designated building. Passes will be available at the Housing & Residence Life Offices or download above. 
Saturday, May 13th 
(1:30 pm until 4:30 pm) 
Cars will be expected to display the parking pass for their designated building. Due to Commencement traffic, cars will not be able to enter campus until 1:30 pm on Saturday. (Families arriving before 1:30 pm can park at Yosemite Lake for $6.)
Please Note
Move-out parking is limited to 20 minutes and violators may be cited. Starting May 10th many loading zones along Rancher’s Rd. will be closed.

Information for Saturday, May 13th

Move-Out Limited to 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.
Move out vehicles may begin entering campus at 1:30 PM. Only vehicles displaying a commencement park-ing pass are permitted to enter campus between 6:30 AM and 1 :30 PM. Vehicles arriving before 1:30 PM will be directed to wait at Lake Yosemite ($6 entrance fee). If you leave campus during this time you will not be permitted back on until 1:30 PM.
Dining Information 
Dining Services will be closed as of 9 PM following dinner service on Friday, May 12th.  Please be aware meal plans will be deactivated Saturday at 2 PM by the campus card system. Please email your questions to


Cleaning Checklist

ALL Residents
  • All amenities accounted for – bed, desk, chair, 2 sets of drawers, mattress, and 1 trash and 1 recycle can per room.
  • Furniture must be completely emptied and wiped down.
  • Remove all personal items from your room, bathroom, and living room if applicable.
  • Trash and recycling must be taken out to the dumpsters.
  • All personal furniture must be removed.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Close and lock all windows.  Leave drapes open.

Valley Terraces Only

  • Suite should contain: vacuum cleaner, 1 bookshelf, 1 loveseat, 1 stuffed chair, 1 small end table, 1 round table and 4 chairs.
  • Turn off heat/AC.

Sierra and Valley Terraces Only

Suite should contain: 1 toilet plunger, 1 small broom/dustpan, and 1 cleaning tote.

Recycling and Donations 
Facilities Recycling will be collecting items for donation (clothes, food, appliances, etc.) during Finals Week. Look for collection bins in the lobby of your buildings, trash rooms, and in the Den.
You are encourage to recycle appropriate items before moving out. Recyclable items can be deposited in bins on campus or taken to a recycling center in town.