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Room Change Process

Fall Room Change approvals will only be permitted between September 3, 2018 - November 3, 2018. Please review and complete the following steps regarding your move request.  


Step 1 
If there is a conflict, residents must first attempt to resolve the matter between themselves. 

Step 2
If residents are unable to resolve a conflict on their own, they must work with their RA/LRA who will then facilitate a mediation in hopes of resolving the issue(s). 

Step 3
If the conflict cannot be resolved or should a resident have other questions regarding the room change process, they may schedule an appointment with their RLC. Appointments can be arranged by visiting The Valley Terraces Housing Office. 

Step 4
At your appointment, your RLC will assess the situation. If it is agreed that your move is appropriate, the RLC will provide a room change notification form for you to complete. 

Step 5
Residents must then return the completed form to The Terrace Center Housing Office.

Step 6
Once approved, your RLC will send you an email confirming your move and provide you with additional information regarding the room change process. 

Note the following:
• Moving out prior to room change approval is prohibited and may result in conduct action.
• A resident may be moved at their RLCs discretion.
• Some bed spaces may appear to be vacant, however they may not always be available. 

Actual Move Process (24 Hour Allowable Period)

You are REQUIRED to make an appointment with your RA, to assess any damages to your old room and complete the necessary paperwork. Prior to your scheduled appointment time, your belongings must be completely removed and room cleaned.

Step 1
Upon receiving an approval email, go to the Housing Office assigned based on your new room location, to pick up a temporary key and/or access card as well as a blank RCR (Room Condition Report) for your NEW room.

Step 2
Prepare your OLD room for check-out

• Clear out all of your belongings from your room/suite and move them to your NEW room.

• Complete the “Move-In” section of the blank RCR given to you in Step 1.

• Clean your OLD room and all common areas (dust, vacuum, wipe down counters, etc.).

• If possible, arrange your furniture back to its original location.

Your room should look like it did when you first moved in!

Step 3
At your scheduled appointment time, your RA will meet you at your old room to assess any damages of the space.

Step 4
Your RA will escort you to your respective Housing Office to do the following:

• Turn in your OLD and NEW completed and signed RCRs (you will be given a copies for your records).

• Turn in your OLD key and sign your OLD keycard.

Step 5
Be sure to inform others of your change of address (i.e., bank, family, etc.)

The Housing Office will contact you once your NEW key(s) are ready and if applicable, your Cat Card has been activated for access to your building. When coming into the office, please bring your temporary key and or access card to turn in. You will be asked to sign your NEW keycard and be given mailbox information if needed.

Note: Your student billing account may reflect monetary changes in Housing Fees due to your new housing assignment.