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Resident Space Request

Residential Space Use Request

All residential space use requests are now reserved through the UC Merced space use management system: SPACE USE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

The Housing and Residence Education Space Use Reservation applies to the following spaces. These spaces are areas around the residence halls on campus. Because they are in the residence halls or around the residence halls, and space is generally limited on campus, our approval priority goes to students living on campus:

  • Granite Pass 102
  • Glacier Point 116
  • Terrace Center 132 (Den)
  • Tenaya 145 (Dance Room)
  • Half Dom 160 (Game Room)
  • Cat Quad
  • Glacier Point Green
  • Mariposa Lawn
  • Summits Quad
  • Lakeview Dining Room at the Yablakof Wallace Dining Center (after 7pm only during the week)

There is no reservation fee for reservations by students living on campus. However, we will ask for FAU for cleaning or damage charges:

  • Granite Pass 102
  • Glacier Point 116
  • Terrace Center 132 (Den)
  • Tenaya 145 (Dance Room)
  • Half Dom 160 (Game Room)
  • Lakeview Dining Room at the Yablakoff Wallace Dining Center (after 7pm only during the week)

Additional cleaning charges might be applied to both any organizer for clean up or damages when used. Housing and Residence Education is the approval of the reservation.

The criteria for approval considerations:

  • 1. Housing and Residence Education events or activities by students living on campus come first for reservation.
  • 2. The event serves the educational purpose of the students living on campus, which includes campus resources, community development, living learning communities, equity and access, innovative and integrative experiences for students living on campus).
  • 3. The event is not going to disrupt services we provide for students living on campus, particularly quiet hours.
  • 4. Please submit your request at least a week in advance. Reservations will not be answered after 5pm on Fridays.

EMS Reservation process:

You will receive a confirmation of your submission, and you will receive an answer within 5-7 business days. If you have any questions or concerns, please email and put “EMS Reservation” on the Subject line.

After the event:

  • 1. Organizers are expected to clean up the space with nothing left behind.
  • 2. Any questions or concerns related to safety, please contact UPD at 209-228-2677.
  • 3. The Housing Valley Office hours is 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week: 209-228-4663.