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Vaughan House: The Digital Abacus


Vaughan House is a community of scholars interested in learning how to use computers to code and solve problems in math and science. Students participating in this learning community have minimal experience with computers and coding, but learn to use popular coding languages to explore concepts in their biology, earth systems, chemistry, math, and physics courses. Community activities include friendly competition and collaboration facilitated by House Fellows, presentations by faculty who use computers in their research, and organized study sessions.

Why Vaughan House?

  • Learn more about computers as a useful tool for math and science
  • Engage in algorithmic thinking as it relates to STEM fields
  • Learn the basics of computer coding and functionality

Highlights from 2018-2019

Learn from Experts in the Field

Our Vaughan House Scholars engaged with faculty on campus, many of whom utilize computer simulations for their research in chemistry and biology. Vaughan House Scholars learned the basics of computer programming in their one-unit seminar and learned basics of Python.

Weekly Study Hours

Our Vaughan House Scholars set up in-house study groups that meet weekly for popular courses. Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Writing. The Vaughan House Fellow helps students set up study schedules, provides study tips for courses, and can help coordinate academic support services!

How to Join

To join Vaughan House, you must indicate Vaughan House as one of your top preferences during your housing selection. You will receive a confirmation email if space is still available.

Please note, you do not have to have prior computer coding experience. This LLC is meant for anyone who is interested in exploring computers in STEM.

For more information about Vaughan House, please contact José at