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Extended Stay Program

The Extended Stay program is an extension of the academic year contract, allowing residents to stay on campus for the Winter Break.  Residential buildings and many campus services including the dining commons are closed during this period.  It is important for students to carefully plan their meals, transportation and activities throughout the winter break.


Extended stay will be housed in Half Dome hall.

Who is Eligible?

All residents who receive a “Contract Acceptance” notice to live on campus for the 2016-2017 Academic year are eligible to express interest in the Extended Stay Contract program.  Should the demand exceed the space we have available, priority will be given to Guardian Scholars, International, Out of State, Foster Youth, Emancipated, and students with special circumstances.  Qualifying residents will be invited via your UC Merced email to sign an Extended Stay Contract.

How do I apply?
All residents who receive a “contract acceptance” notice to live on campus will be invited via their UC Merced email to participate. 

Where will we live?

Extended Stay residents will live together on a floor of quad occupancy rooms.  Participants of the Extended Stay program will have access to laundry and a kitchen during the break periods.  The Extended Stay program will be open to ALL residents and therefore will be a mixed community of first-year, new transfers, and continuing students.

*The kitchen is furnished with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stove, and oven.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in UC Merced Housing and Residence Life Handbook, Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, and the Housing & Residence Life Contract, Extended Stay residents are also accountable to the terms and conditions outlined in the Extended Stay Contract.  The Extended Stay Contract terms and conditions only apply during the Extended Stay contract periods.

1)      A confirmed academic-year contract is required to validate the Extended Stay Contract.  Cancellation/Termination of the academic-year contract automatically voids the Extended Stay Contract.

2)      Meals are not included in the Extended Stay contract.   Food may be purchased when Dining Service operations are open.  Please note that hours will be limited.  Food will not be available on campus when the campus is closed (after 5pm on weekends and the week before the New Year).

3)      Staff will be available on call only.  Response time may be delayed as much as one hour for non-emergency situations including but not limited to lock-outs.  In a true emergency, call 911.

4)      Overnight guests are not permitted.

5)      The Terrace Center Housing Office will be open for limited hours.

6)      The Kitchen will be available to ALL Extended Stay residents.  Residents are expected to clean the kitchen after each use.

7)      Assignments will be made by the Housing and Residence Life Office.

8)      Cat Tracks service will be limited and possibly non-existent during the break period.In addition to Cat Tracks students have the option of utilizing the Zip Car car sharing program for their transportation needs. 

How will I select my room?
All students are encouraged to participate in the on-line roommate and room selection process in case they are not admitted into the program. Students admitted into the program will work with the program coordinator to identify their room and roommate preferences. 

Who receives early admission?
Students may receive early admission based on need. Priority will be given to Guardian Scholars, International, Out of State, Foster Youth, Emancipated, and students with special circumstances. Students who may not qualify for early admission will be placed on the alternate list and will be offered a spot based on space availability. 

If you have additional questions regarding the Extended Stay program please contact the program coordinator, Dallas Carter at