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Building Safe and Inclusive Learning Communities

Public Posting Policies

Public Posting Policies for Housing & Residence Education


  1. Bring up to five (5) postings to the Housing & Residence Life office for approval.

  2. Postings may not exceed 3 feet by 3 feet in size.

  3. Blue tape or painter’s tape must be used to hang all postings, with the exception of utilizing a designated kiosk.

  4. Window postings are only allowed on the designated California Room and Den windows.

  5. Must have contact information on postings along with date and time of event if applicable.

  6. Deteriorating postings will be removed.

  7. Inappropriate postings incongruent with the mission of Housing & Residence Life will not be approved.

  8. All postings must be removed by sponsoring club, organization or department within 24 hours after the event and/or two weeks after the approval date for resource or information postings.

  9. Once approved, you may post in the following areas:

  •  Designated California Room and Den windows

  •  Cork boards located by the Housing Offices in Tenaya and Terrace Center

  • Tri cork boards by Scholars Lane, Mammoth Lane, and Bobcat Lane

  • Designated wall space in the dining commons

10.  Failure to abide by posting policies may result in loss of posting privilege.