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Living Learning Communities

Descriptions of each LLC can be found below.

If you have specific questions regarding housing, including the cost of housing and meal plans, please visit the housing website.


Fiat Lux

Available to: First-year students (By Invitation-only)

Located in: First and third floor of Tenaya Hall

Fiat Lux is aimed to enhance students' academic performance, drive, ambition and overall college experience. Members of this program are encouraged to live together as part of the Fiat Lux Living Learning Community. Fiat Lux residents will have the opportunity to participate in monthly faculty receptions and participate in the common course USTU 10. Students who accept an offer into Fiat Lux are not eligiblet to participate in any other LLC.

Students with questions about this LLC should visit the Fiat Lux website or contact Fiat Lux at


Aristotle House

Beyond the MD

Carson House



Available to: First-year students

Located in: Glacier Point

Students in the School of Natural Sciences may participate in a one of three academically themed Natural Sciences Living Learning Communities. The communities include:

These three houses are special residential communities cosponsored by the School of Natural Sciences, which houses Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Systems Science and Physics.

Students with questions about these LLCs should contact

In the news: 

Science-Themed Living Learning Communities Enjoy Success Debut


Leadership and Service LLC

Available to: First-year students. All first-year students who complete the full year of the Leadership and Service LLC are eligible to participate in the second-year experience of the Leadership and Service LLC.

Located in: El Portal

The Leadership and Service Living Learning Community is open to first-year students who are interested in exploring and developing leadership and becoming an active and engaged member of their community.

Please direct questions regarding the Leadership and Service LLC to and  

For more information about the LLC please visit the Community Engagement Center and Margo F. Souza Student Leadership Center websites. 



Available to: First-year, second-year, and continuing students

Located in: Granite Pass

The AFRO(Afrikans for Recruitment and Outreach) Hall Living Learning Community welcomes first-and second-year students from all cultures within the African diaspora who are interested in exploring their African and black identities while enhancing their collegiate experience through networking and mentorship opportunities, academic support, and community engagement.

The program was established by student leaders of the AFRO Organization to unite students in the African diaspora and to increase the retention and four-year graduation rates through various resources that enhance students’ academic success. As a signature initiative of the AFRO student organization, AFRO Hall provides opportunities for scholars to engage in three student success-driven focus areas:

  1. Community building and cultural capital
  2. Academic excellence and retention strategies
  3. Community outreach and servant leadership

Not only was AFRO Hall made possible by student advocacy, but this community remains today thanks to the commitment of student leaders of the AFRO student organization and their partnerships with staff and faculty across campus. Those interested or with questions may contact AFRO hall staff at with the subject line: “AFRO Hall Inquiry.”

Watch a video introduction to UC Merced's AFRO Hall by clicking here.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact


Transfer LLC

Available to: Transfer students (If interested, please contact Associate Director for Transition Programs, Hala Alnagar at

Located in: Valley Terraces

The Transfer Living Learning Community provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition to UC Merced’s culture and community. 

As a community of transfer students transitioning from another campus to life here at UC Merced, we aim to provide resources that vary widely from freshmen services because we recognize the support you need is different. We do this by providing academic, professional, and personal support. We operate under the umbrella of the Calvin E. Bright Success Center, which believes in a holistic approach to student success – this means that we recognize that your academic success is impacted by what you face both inside and outside the classroom. Being part of the TRV LLC will also connect you with a community of students who are in the same life phase as you and these networks will help you find opportunities on campus to explore your major and career interests.

If you would like to learn more about the Transfer LLC or have questions, please contact Associate Director for Transition Programs, Hala Alnagar at

University Honors Program (UHP) LLC

Available to: First year students for Fall 2024 (By Invitation Only)

Located in: El Portal, 4th Floor

The University Honors Program LLC is available for first-year students accepted to join the UC Merced Honors Program. University Honors Program (UHP) scholars will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with their peers while residing in the same LLC. While living in the same community, UHP students will engage with their peers, attend exclusive professional development workshops, and organize study groups to stimulate productive conversations.

UHP students will have curricular and co-curricular requirements. Curricular requirements include honors courses and seminars.

Co-curricular requirements include two experiences: Experiential Learning and Community, Mentorship, and Leadership.

Our UHP LLC will provide additional support for UHP students by offering resources and community directly on campus.

Interested students that would like to learn more about our University Honors Program and UHP LLC can visit our website at or email us directly at

Professional Engineering (PE) LLC

Available to: First-year students interested in engineering carrers

Located in: Granite Pass

Professional Engineering Living Learning Communities (PE LLCs) are intended for first-year students interested in engineering careers.

Students in the PE LLCs will enroll in SPRK 010: Inclusive Innovation in the Fall semester. and in ENGR 091: Professional Development in the Spring semester. They will have the option to enroll in ENGR 096: Human-Centered Research & Design in the spring semester. In addition to taking these courses, students in the PE LLCs will engage in communal learning and career development experiences such as workshops, panel discussions and collaborative projects. The PE LLC in academic year 2023-24 will be affiliated with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), whose members will provide peer support for first-year students to socially adjust and academically succeed as engineering majors. Please not that members of the LLC are required to attend professional development events outside of class. These events include workshops, talks, panels, etc.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

Business and Entrepreneurship LLC

Available to: First-year students interested in a business and/or entrepreneurship.

Located in: Granite Pass

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC is designed for students from any major who are interested in gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the business field. Students will gain an understanding of the basics of business, such as the process of starting a small business, taking new products to market, marketing, and finance/investments.

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will give students the opportunity to network with business professionals, listen to guest speakers, attend professional development workshops, and participate in various business-related activities.The LLC will have a faculty member from the Economics and Business Economics department who will serve as a mentor and provide guidance to the students to successfully navigate their first year in college.

Students in the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will enroll in two common courses: ECON 001 (Introduction to Economics) in the fall semester and ECON 005 (Intorduction to Business and Finance) in the spring semester.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

Explore House

Available to: First year students who are undeclared/undecided or are interested in exploring their academic goals and pathways, and what it means to be a college student at a research university.

Located in: El Portal

Explore House LLC is designed to foster a sense of community among undeclared and/or undecided students, with a focus on providing programming and resources related to academic, career, and social exploration. Activities will engage students to explore their strengths, interests, and possible career paths. This community is designed for students who begin their career at UC Merced as an undeclared and/or undecided student as well as those who seek to hone their experience through exploration of UC Merced’s range of academic programs and enrichment opportunities.

Students enrolled in this program will be required to enroll in a Spark Seminar (TBD) and one unit of Undergraduate Studies in both fall and spring semesters.

Fall semester weekly time commitment includes SPARK seminar (2-4 hours), USTU (1-hour), weekly lunch meeting (1-hour, flexible days/times offered). Participation in additional activities is strongly encouraged. Spring semester weekly time commitment includes USTU (1-hour), weekly lunch meeting (1-hour, flexible days/times offered). Participation in additional activities is strongly encouraged.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

Living with Clean Energy (LCE) LLC

Available to: First-year solar and Energy (SOE) or School of Natural Sciences (SNS) students interested in renewable energy.

Located in: Granite Pass

The LCE-LLC program is designed to engage students with choices they can make that will faciliate the energy transition toward renewable energy. In particular, students interested in electrical engineering as either a major or minor are encouraged to join.

Students will be encouraged to enroll in a SPARK seminar entitled: "Our Energy Future" and EE 001 (a 1-unit course about electrical engineering which will give an overview of why electricity is so important to our world). Students will explore how electrification can provide a huge step toward solving the world’s energy challenges and will learn about new technology options that facilitate electrification like electric vehicles, heat pumps, and induction stoves. Speakers and demonstrations will provide students an opportunity to learn about and experience these technologies.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

Merced Scholars (Invite Only)

Located in: El Portal 

The Scholars LLC is available by invitation-only for academically high achieving students, including Bobccat STEM Scholars, Regents Scholars and Chancellor’s Scholars. Community events focus on engagement with faculty, exploration of campus research opportunities, academic study groups and social networking.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

International House LLC

Available to: First-year students interested in international issues

Located in: El Portal

Merced, CA, is the home of vast Hispanic and Asian communities (24% foreign-born), and UC Merced is the most ethnically and culturally diverse campus of the University of California system (76%).

Our community provides opportunities to engage with the campus vision and explore, promote, facilitate, and expand intercultural and international learning and engagement opportunities for all campus community members in the service of the University of California’s larger commitment to teaching, research, and public service.

International House Merced provides students the opportunity to identify their own pathway to becoming a global citizen, engage in on-campus and off-campus cultural events, and learn about cultural and political trends in the world: food, customs, languages, beliefs, migrations, social justice, climate, LGTBQ+ issues. International House LLC is open to all students interested in international issues who seek to be change-makers in today’s world. Members of our community are expected to be active members who exhibit curiosity, initiative, and a desire to positively impact the world around them.

Students must register for a one-unit course (TBD).

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at

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