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Saving Energy

Make a difference in the world and help UC Merced reach its sustainability goals.

• Always buy Energy Star labeled appliances and products.

• Turn off your computers at night and use the stand-by or “sleep mode” features (screen savers ≠ sleep mode).

• Unplug cell phone chargers and hair dryers when not in use.

• Replace incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s)

• Share refrigerators and avoid leaving refrigerator or freezer doors open.

• Plug appliances that have phantom loads (TV sets, DVD players, computers, printers, stereos, CD players, video game systems) into a power strip and switch it off when appliances are not in use – they still use energy in the off mode if they’re plugged in.

• In science labs, shut fume hoods when not in use. Open fume hood use as much energy as 3 households!

• Turn off lights when you’re not in the room/classroom/hall. Use daylight whenever possible. Don’t illuminate your whole room if directed lighting (such as a desk lamp) will do the job

• Do laundry during off-peak hours (morning/ night after 7pm). Air-dry laundry as much as possible

• Minimize your use of a single-occupant car. Carpool whenever possible or better yet, walk, bike, use an electric scooter, use the shuttle, or take a public bus. When you run errands, try to consolidate trips. You will be healthier and so will the Earth.

• Dress warm in winter and dress for comfort during the summer to minimize use of the AC/heater. Try to keep your thermostat at 78 on hot days or better yet, use a small fan. They only use 25 watts and can make you 10 degrees cooler!

• Watch TV with others and turn it off when you’re not watching!

• Avoid drinking beverages with ice. Ice-making is very energy intensive.

• Food requires energy to produce and transport. Don’t take more than you can eat. Try to purchase locally-grown foods. Avoid beef or meats – their production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

• Keep your car well maintained (keep tires inflated), don’t drive erratically, and avoid using the AC in cars. This will also save you gas money!

• Reconsider drinking bottled water, which consumes a lot of energy in its transportation and packing. It is also a significant source of waste. We recommend a Brita filter and thermos.