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Finding Roommates

Your relationship with your roommate(s) will impact your living experience and day-to-day life.  Personal problems with a roommate can lead to unnecessary stress.  Just because someone is your best friend does not mean they will be the best person to live with.


When deciding who to live with it is important to have an open discussion to get any concerns out before a lease is signed. To help facilitate a respectful and harmonious living arrangement, roommates are expected to discuss and document some basic living agreements using a roommate agreement by the end of the second week after move-in.


Residents must abide by the agreement unless it is revised and agreed upon by all roommates.  Housing and Residence Education staff reserves the right to facilitate revisions of the agreements. Violations of this agreement may result in conduct action.

Example Roommate Questions

  • What are your study habits?

  • Cleaning: How often should the home be cleaned, how will the cleaning get done

  • Are overnight friends okay?

  • Is drinking or smoking acceptable?

  • When would you like quiet hours?

  • How do you plan to handle roommate confrontation?

  • How will we split the rent?

  • Who will be responsible for paying utilities

There are several tools to help you find roommates.

Off-Campus Housing Database
Roommate Wanted is one of the listing and search features in this database. If you have a property and are looking for a compatible roommate, be sure to list your property here. People looking for someone to room with should contact those listed.

Facebook is a social network for college and universities participants. Participants must have a ".edu" email address. Visit UC Merced’s Facebook page and UC Merced Classifieds page and start meeting your classmates. This is a great way to find compatible roommates, find carpool buddies, etc.

Graduate Students

Graduate students looking for housing information should contact the Graduate Resource Center within the Graduate Division,