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2019-2020 Housing Application - Continuing Students

In preparation for the housing application renewal period, explore your housing options and get familiar with the process.  Decide where you want to live next year, and with whom do you want to live with?  Do you favor a particular building, room, or Heritage apartments; or would you rather move off campus and sign a lease with some friends in the Bellevue neighborhood?  Take some time to map out a plan, and involve a parent or family member in your decision making. 

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Important Dates
Date Description
March 11th at Noon

Housing Application Open

*Because upper-class students are first-come, first-serve we ask that current first-year students begin applying on Tuesday the 14th to alleviate system congestion.

March 15th at 11:59 PM

Priority deadline for current first-year students.

After March 15th we will begin notifying students of their application status within 3 business days applying.

March 25th at 11:59 pm Deadline to complete optional supplemental applications for a Living Learning Community.
April 16th You will be able to start forming roommate groups. 
April 30th at 11:59 pm Deadline to sign housing contract. If you do not sign a housing contract by this date, your application may be canceled.
May 7th to May 10th

Room selection period. You will be assigned a timeslot to select a room. 

*You must have signed your housing contract to participate in room selection. If you are not able to select a room or chose not to, you will be place via Automatic Assignment in June.

June 1st at 11:59 pm
  • Deadline to cancel your housing contract without penalty. After this date, a $200 cancellation fee will be charged; the cancellation fee will be $300 after August 1st. 
  • Deadline to change your housing preferences for Automatic Assignment
June 28th We will begin releasing assignment details for those who did not select a room. Based on availability, some assignments may be released later in the summer.
August 12th We will begin sending your final assignment details and move-in instructions. 


Housing Options

Residence Hall Options

Residence Hall Available Room Types
Valley Terraces Double suites, Single (very limited)
Half Dome Quad (4 per room), Single (very limited)
Heritage Apartments Private (1 per room), Shared (2 per room)
  • In Heritage Apartments, a private room is one person per bedroom in a shared apartment. A shared room is two people per room in a shared apartment. There are no private apartments. Apartments come in the following configurations:
    • 1 bed x 1 bath (1 shared room)
    • 2 bed x 2 bath (2 shared rooms)
    • 2 bed x 1 bath (1 shared room, 1 private room)
  • In Valley Terraces, suites consist of 2 or 3 double rooms, a common room, and a bathroom. 
  • Single rooms are not generally available on campus and are reserved for special circumstances. 

Residential Meal Plans

You can view complete details about the required residential meal plan on the Dining Services website.

Housing Resources

Please take a moment to review the Housing & Residence Life Contract. If offered a housing assignment for 2019-2020 you will be required to sign this contract to receive your housing assignment. 

Housing Application Process

Step 1 - Submit Application

The first step is to complete your housing application on the Housing Portal. The application will open at Noon on Monday, March 11th. 

Access Housing Portal

During the initial application, you will do the following:

  1. Verify personal information
  2. List room preferences
  3. List roommate matching preferences
  4. Select special housing options and living learning communities

Step 2 - Housing Offer & Contract

Your application will be reviewed. If space is available, you will receive a housing offer and instructions on next steps. If we are not able to offer a space, you will be placed on a waitlist. 

Once you receive your housing offer, you will need to sign the housing contract. This will secure your place in housing for the coming term. There is no reservation fee or deposit due at the time you sign your contract. 

Contract Signing Steps (View Instructions)

  1. Review and sign the contract
  2. Review and sign the pesticide agreement
  3. Sign up for or opt-out of renter's insurance

Step 3 - Roommate Groups

Once you receive a housing offer, you may return to the Housing Portal and create or join a Roommate Group. Roommate Groups are students who agree to live together. These groups will be used in the room selection process and for making assignments of anyone who does not select a room. 

Using this tool, you can either find compatible roommates and form a new group or you may search and request to join an existing group. Groups can also request to add you to their groups. 

Step 4 - Room Selection

Room Selection will take place between May 21st and 24th. During this time, you will be able to select a room/suite/apartment for you and those in your roommate group. 

To help manage system overload, each person will be assigned a room selection time slot. You will not be able to access room selection until your time slot time. Additional rooms will be made available for each time slot block. 

At your room selection time, visit the Housing Portal and select from available rooms. When you select a room, you will be able to place other members of your roommate group into spaces in the room/suite/apartment. Only one person in a roommate group needs to complete this process. 

You must have signed your housing contract to participate in room selection. If you are not able to select a room or chose not to, you will be placed via Automatic Assignment in June.

Housing Cancellation

If you no longer wish to to live on campus for the selected terms, you must submit a Housing Cancellation form on the Housing Portal

If you have signed your contract, a housing cancellation fee will apply as follows: 

Deadline Fee
Before June 2nd No Fee
June 2nd - August 1st $200
August 1st forward or failure to move in $300

Cancellation fees will be posted to your student account and due at the next campus payment deadline. 

If housing and meal charges were added to your account, they will be removed within 3-5 business days.