Living Options

Living on campus offers more that just a place to eat and sleep. In fact, a significant amount of experiential learning occurs in the residence halls. Students living on campus will be presented with opportunities to further develop valuable skills as they transition to the university and prepare for life thereafter.

Living Options 

Expressing interest in a living option is NOT required. Residents are welcome to express interest in getting involved to enhance their residential experience.

Fiat Lux Scholars

The Fiat Lux Scholars program is only available for eligible first-year students and second-year students.

The Fiat Lux program is aimed to enhance your academic performance, drive and ambition, and overall college experience. Members of this program are encouraged to live together as part of the Fiat Lux Living-Learning Community. Fiat Lux residents will have the opportunity to participate in monthly Faculty Receptions and participate in the common course USTU 10.

Interested students should contact the Fiat Lux Program.

The Gender Inclusive

The Gender Inclusive program is open to all housing applicants. 

The Gender Inclusive (GI) housing option was developed to provide a safe and inclusive environment for students regardless of their gender identity and allows students of all gender identities to live among each other in the same suite/room. Gender Inclusive rooms are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and all interested residents must be accepted into the program in order to receive a GI room assignment. Students who are interested in learning more about the GI housing option should contact Dallas Carter at


The AFRO Hall Living and Learning Community welcomes first and second year students from all cultures, who are interested in exploring the African Diaspora.

Extended Stay Program

he Extended Stay Program is an extension of the 2016-17 academic year contract, allowing residents to stay on campus for the Winter Break (December 17, 2016 thru January 15, 2017).