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The AFRO (Afrikan’s for Recruitment and Outreach) Hall Living and Learning Community welcomes first and second year students from all cultures, who are interested in exploring the African Diaspora.

The program was established to unite students in the African Diaspora to increase the retention and 4-year graduation rates through various resources that enhance students’ academic success. AFRO Hall provides opportunities to participate in a mentoring program, academic workshops, and community outreach. Through this program, members will gain support systems, leadership skills, and an unforgettable living experience. The living community members are required/strongly encouraged to:

Program Requirements

Afro Terrace residents are expected to spend 2-4 hours a week engaged in Theme Program activities including:

•    Enrollment and active participation in the seminar class or USTU 10

•    Completion of 10 hours of community service or an individual project

•    Attendance at AFRO Hall community meetings organized by the AFRO Lead Scholar and Resident Assistant

•    Active participation in events put on my other fellow Afrikan/Black organizations


The seminar is a 1-unit pass/no pass class that meets once a week in the residence hall during the evening. You can review a sample course syllabus to get an idea about the coursework and expectations. If you’re admitted to AFRO Hall, you will be given more information about how to enroll in the class.

The Living Space

AFRO Hall residents live together in quad rooms in Cathedral Hall . Each room has in-room network connections and basic cable, and has laundry facilities, vending machines, and live-in staff. Most students have a roommate and take meals at the dining centers. Afro Terrace is located near study rooms, great for study sessions and is where most academic workshops will be held. There is also a lounge in the hall where social events will be held such as community dinners, and movie and game nights.

How to Apply

African American students and people interested in exploring black experiences at UC Merced are encouraged to apply. You must complete the online housing application by the deadline. On the online application select AFRO Hall from the drop-down menu of living communities; once accepted to housing, you'll be asked to fill out a supplemental application. You will then receive a will indicate if you have been selected to the AFRO Living and Learning Community.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, you can email