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Living with Clean Energy LLC

Living with Clean Energy (LCE) LLC

Available to: First-year solar and Energy (SOE) or School of Natural Sciences (SNS) students interested in renewable energy.

Located in: Granite Pass

The LCE-LLC program is designed to engage students with choices they can make that will faciliate the energy transition toward renewable energy. In particular, students interested in electrical engineering as either a major or minor are encouraged to join.

Students will be encouraged to enroll in a SPARK seminar entitled: "Our Energy Future" and EE 001 (a 1-unit course about electrical engineering which will give an overview of why electricity is so important to our world). Students will explore how electrification can provide a huge step toward solving the world’s energy challenges and will learn about new technology options that facilitate electrification like electric vehicles, heat pumps, and induction stoves. Speakers and demonstrations will provide students an opportunity to learn about and experience these technologies.

Watch a video introduction to UC Merced's Living with Clean Energy LLC by clicking here.

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at