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Business and Entrepreneurship LLC

                       Business and Entrepreneurship LLC


Available to: First-year students interested in business and/or entrepreneurship

Located in: Granite Pass

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC is designed for students from any major who are interested in gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the business field. Students will gain an understanding of the basics of business, such as the process of starting a small business, taking new products to market, marketing, and finance/investments.

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will give students the opportunity to network with business professionals, listen to guest speakers, attend professional development workshops, and participate in various business-related activities. The LLC will have a faculty member from the Economics and Business Economics department who will serve as a mentor and provide guidance to the students to successfully navigate their first year in college.

Students in the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will enroll in two common courses: ECON 001 (Introduction to Economics) in the fall semester and MIST 050 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship) in the spring semester. [Note: If MIST 050 is not available in the spring semester, students will take ECON 005 (Introduction to Business and Finance)]

Students with questions about this LLC should contact us at