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Business and Entrepreneurship LLC

                       Business and Entrepreneurship LLC


Available to: First-year students interested in business and/or entrepreneurship

Located in: Granite Pass

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC is designed for students from any major who are interested in gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the business field. Students will gain an understanding of the basics of business, such as the process of starting a small business, taking new products to market, marketing, and finance/investments.

The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will give students the opportunity to network with business professionals, listen to guest speakers, attend professional development workshops, and participate in various business-related activities. The LLC will have a faculty member from the Economics and Business Economics department who will serve as a mentor and provide guidance to the students to successfully navigate their first year in college.

Students in the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC will enroll in two common courses: ECON 001 (Introduction to Economics) in the fall semester and ECON 005 (Introduction to Business and Finance) in the spring semester. [Note: If ECON 050 is not available in the spring semester, students will take MIST 050 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)].

Student Testimonies:

"In my first year at UC Merced, the coordinator and mentors fostered an amazing experience within the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC. Through community engagement activities and community hour there was never an uneventful day and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of this vibrant and inspiring community. The Business and Entrepreneurship LLC at UC Merced has not only shaped my academic journey but has also equipped me with invaluable skills, a bigger network, while learning among aspiring individuals. During the fall and spring semesters, we engaged in study sessions, board games, and were given advice from professionals in the workforce. In the future, I hope to become a mentor for this community to gi"ve back to the community which has made such a lasting experience which has kickstarted my journey into academia." - Business and Entrepreneurship 2023 - 2024 LLC Participant

"Participating in the LLC has helped me establish a friend group that I could study with, and they would. At the encouragement of my LLC mentor and advisor, I also started going to more professors' office hours. Over time, this developed into better study habits, and better connections between both professor and peers." - Business and Entrepreneurship 2023 - 2024 LLC Participant

Watch a video introduction on the Business and Entrepreneurship LLC by clicking here.

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