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Transfer LLC

Transfer LLC

Available to: Transfer students (If interested, please contact Program Coordinator, Julie Bishop at

Located in: Valley Terraces

The Transfer Living Learning Community provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition to UC Merced’s culture and community.

As a community of transfer students transitioning from another campus to life here at UC Merced, we aim to provide resources that vary widely from freshmen services because we recognize the support you need is different. We do this by providing academic support for upper division courses, a transition course only for transfers, a close-knit community of students looking for a social experience that will help them build a network on campus and an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about the value of research.

If you would like to learn more about the Transfer LLC or have questions, please contact Program Coordinator, Julie Bishop at

The Transfer Living Learning Community (LLC) is a great on-campus housing option for students who choose to live on campus and want to get the full university experience. This is an excellent opportunity for students that are interested in living with people who are just like them. When applying to the university and through the housing website, students will have the choice to opt-in to this community. There are some requirements that need to be met while being a part of the Transfer Living Learning Community (LLC). We want to ensure that all students get the proper resources they need in order to succeed here at UC Merced. Take a virtual tour.


You will get to know your community and interact with them
along with building your sense of belonging.

Help you succeed academically, socially, and professionally.

It allows a direct connection to the university as a whole.

Newsletters to give you proper information and dates.



Meet the student outcomes (TBA)

Be enrolled in the USTU-10 Course (TBA)

Be a transfer student with 60+ units from a community college or other 4-year institution