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Contracts and Rates



The room and board rate billed to students will depend on their contract type, room type, and meal plan. 

  • Contract type: We offer one type of undergraduate housing contract in 2022-2023, the Academic Year contract. This contract encompasses both the fall academic term and spring academic term. Thanksgiving and spring break are included. Winter intersession is not included. Click here for the 2022-2023 Academic Year Contract. Students applying for housing for only spring term will sign the 2022-2023 academic contract, but will charges only the semester rates for the spring-term housing only.
  • Room type: single, double, triple, and quad. Please click here to browse residence halls and housing options.
  • Meal plan: All residents must have a meal plan. Meal plans do not include meal service during times excluded by the contract. excluded times are defined in the housing contract, and include thanksgiving holiday, winter intersession, and spring break. See the contract for exact dates of dining servivce closures.

During the application process, students choose their meal plan and their room preferences. Please note that although you may indicate a room preference in your application, you are not guaranteed that room type.

Residents are expected to maintain full-time enrollment status to be eligible to live on campus as a part of the housing contract. Housing and Residence Education staff will follow up with students who fall below full-time status at any time. Please email or call 209-228-2293 if you have further questions about the policy.

For information about renter's insurance, please click here.


2022-2023 Room Rates

Room rates are based on room type. Rates include furnishings and provided utilities, WiFi and amenities. Room and board fees are billed prior to each semester. There is an additional $20 housing association fee per semester.

Note: Room types are categorized by the number of beds, not number of occupants. For example, if you are the only occupant in a room with three beds, you will still be billed for the Triple rate.

Spring-only housing will pay the price-per-semester for assigned housing type and selected meal plan options.


Academic Year Housing Pricing
  Price per Semester Price per year (Fall and Spring semester)

On-campus single room

$8,075/semester* $16,150/year

On-campus double room

$6,739/semester* $13,478/year

On-campus triple room

$6,289/semester* $12,578/year

On-campus quad room

$5,712/semester* $11,424/year

*Proposed rates; subject to revision


2022-2023 Board/Meal Plan Rates

About Meal Plan Rates

  • All residents must have a meal plan.
  • Unlimited means unlimited swipes in any given day when the dining hall is opened.
  • All you care to eat means students can choose any food items of their choice when the dining hall is opened.
  • Students may use their unlimited all-you-care-to-eat meal plan in the Pavilion Dining Center. Every meal plan comes with unlimited access to the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls for the meal plan holder, during dining hours.
  • CAT Dollars are flexible spending funds that can be used for food locations on campus, campus store purchases and printing.
  • CAT Dollar funds are loaded prior to each semester. CAT dollars carry over from semester to semester and year to year.
  • CAT dollars are only refunded when you separate from the university.


Academic Year Meal Plan Contract Pricing

Unlimited Meal Plan Name

Total Price per Semester

Included Cat Dollars per Semester

Guest Passes per Semester

Total Price per Academic Year

Included Cat Dollars per Academic Year

Guest Passes per Academic Year
Unlimited 85*



3 $4,830 $170 6
Unlimited 250*





$500 6
Unlimited 400*





$800 6
Unlimited 500*





$1,000 6
Unlimited 600*





$1,200 6

*Proposed rates; subject to revision; *"Unlimited" access is defined as one entry per hour to the all-you-care to-eat dining halls per hour for the patron, during hours of operation*

2022 Summer Session Rates

In order to qualify for summer housing, a resident must be a regularly enrolled, registered student at UC Merced or be a student affiliated to a UC Merced department or programs.

Summer housing contracts are not required for students on a 2021-2022 Year Round contract.

Session Housing Cost Meal Cost Total Cost Daily Rate
Summer A $1031 $469 $1500 $36.57
Summer B $1383 $629 $2012 $36.67
Summer C
$1031 $469 $1500 $36.57
Summer D $2086 $948 $3034 $36.57

*Summer C rates were adjusted April 21, 2022 to correct for an inaccurate number of days.

For more information about summer housing, please click here.

For more details about summer sessions, please click here.

For more information about the summer billing cycle, please click here. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact 209-228-2293 or