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Carson House: Sustainable Futures

Carson House: Sustainable Futures UC Merced provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a sustainable economic, social and environmental way of living that preserves the ability of current and future generations to meet their and others' needs. Our faculty, staff and students embrace this opportunity and are building sustainability into every aspect of the campus. Our community provides opportunities to engage with the campus vision and to explore the positive roles that individuals, teams and societies play in interacting with and protecting the environment. Carson House seeks to deepen our sense of place and build the skills needed to create sustainable futures through partnerships on campus and in the surrounding area.

Why Carson House?

  • Learn about pressing sustainability concerns in the Central Valley.
  • Engage in on-campus and off-campus sustainability efforts.
  • Identify your own pathway to supporting sustainability efforts.

Highlights from 2019-2020

Living Learning Communities during COVID

With the news of the COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement that residence halls would only be open to select students, the Living Learning Communities were met with the challenge of maintaining a community of like-minded scholars through a virtual learning environment. To meet the challenge, House Fellows, Den Assistants (Student Leaders) and School of Natural Sciences Staff worked together to create a sense of belonging at UC Merced by:

Weekly Classes/Seminars

Every Friday, Carson House students met during their required Friday course. In addition to guest speakers, reflection activities and larger group check-ins, these seminars provided a space for students to decompress and reconnect at the end of a long week.

Weekly Events

Outside of the classroom space, virtual social events were held to cater to those students who wanted to meet and get to know their fellow Bobcats:

  • Game nights (Jackbox games)
  • Virtual tours of vernal pools
  • Social events with Carson House alumni

How to Join

To join Carson House, a particpant must indicate Carson House as one of your top preferences during your housing selection.


For more information about Carson House, please contact us at

If you have specific questions regarding housing, including the cost of housing and meal plans, please visit the housing website.