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Moving Out

Moving Out

Students may move out of a room on campus for the following reasons:

1. Resident has decided to take an Education Leave. You  must complete the cancellation process:

2. Resident has decided to withdraw from the University. You must complete the cancellation process:

3. Resident has finished the academic year (from August to May) or summer session contract term.

4. Resident is moving to another room on campus.

5. Resident is graduating.You must complete the cancellation process:

6. Resident is dismissed from the University. You must complete the cancellation process:

7. Resident participates in an approved education abroad program (UCEAP) sponsored by UC Merced. You must complete the cancellation process:

8. Resident presents proof of marriage that occurred during the term of the contract. You must complete the cancellation process:

Please contact your RA, your Residence Education Coordinator, or the Residents Service Desk at Terrace Center anytime if you have questions about moving out:, 209-228-4663. Please check your UC Merced email for contract cancellation approval from the Housing Services Office,, 209-228-2293.


General Moving Out Process

How to Move Out:

  1. Pack all of your belongings and remove them from your room or apartment. Dollies will be available at the Valley Terraces desk. Please call 209-228-4663 or email to confirm, of if you have questions.
  2. Clean the room and common spaces of your room/suite.
  3. Remove trash and return furniture to its original condition.
  4. Return assigned keys to the Valley Residence Education Office before leaving campus using the On-Campus Check-Out Envelope.
  5. If you have a bike, be sure not to leave it here.
  6. Cleaning fees will be assessed if the space has not been thoroughly cleaned.
  7. Contract cancellation fees will not be applied during this process for fall 2020. All students that wish to move-out and cancel their housing can do so. Below is a list of charges for common cleanings and repairs. Actual charges are based on time and materials according to the University Facilities Recharge Rates.
    • Trash Removal....................$25
    • Carpet Cleaning..................$60
    • Painting Room....................$15/hr
    • Painting Door......................$45
    • Screen Repair.....................$50
    • Light Fixture Cover.............$25/cover
    • Carpet Repair.....................$90/Sq. Ft.
    • Key Replacement...............$100/lock

Any damage charges will be assessed if there is damage to the room. Please refer to the Housing Handbook to see more detailed information about the damage charge process.

  1. Choose your check out method (explained below). Please read this section carefully as you will be charged for each day until the Housing office receives your keys.
  2. Questions or concerns, contact your Residence Education Coordinator, or email

Cleaning Checklist:

ALL Residents

  • All amenities accounted for - bed, desk, chair, 2 sets of drawers, mattress, and 1 trash and 1 recycle can per room.
  • Furniture must be completely emptied and wiped down.
  • Remove all personal items from your room, bathroom, and living room if applicable.
  • Trash and recycling must be taken out to the dumpsters.
  • All personal furniture must be removed.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Close and lock all windows. Leave drapes open.
  • Please return any Dining Center dishes and utensils to the Dining Center before moving out.

Sierra and Valley Terraces ONLY

  • Suite should contain: 1 toilet plunger, 1 small broom/dustpan, and 1 cleaning tote.

Check out Methods:

Room Inspection by Housing and Residential Education Staff Member (optional):

  1. If you want to have your room inspected prior to move out. You can make an appointment with your RA.
  2. You must be fully moved out and ready to return keys prior to the inspection time.
  3. During this time, the staff member will assess any damages to your room/suite and collect your keys.
  4. Return your key to the Valley Housing Office desk.

Please note that any damage that has been incurred while you have been living there will be charged to your account.

Express Check Out (This is the quicker process of the two options):

  • This option allows you to leave at your convenience.
  • You must pack up and remove all your belongings from your room.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the space and removing your belongings and trash.
  • Report any damages that have occurred while living in the room/apartment. Your room/apartment will be inspected after you move out, and you will be charged for any damages, missing items, and/or cleaning charges. Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those living in your room/apartment.
    1. Go to your Valley Terraces Residence Education Office for a check out envelope.
    2. Put your keys in the envelope and seal it.
    3. Fill out your name, ID number, room number and time of check out.
    4. Sign the envelope and return it to the Front Desk Assistant or Drop Box (in front of mail room, next to the Valley Residence Education Office).
    5. Charges for any additional individual room/suite/apartment damages that are found by staff after check out will be charged to the student's account.

Mailing Keys

If you forget to return your key before leaving, you may use the following procedure to return your key:

  1. Mail your key to the following address: Valley Housing Office, 100 Terrace Center, 5400 N. Lake Road Merced, CA 95340.
  2. Please use a padded envelope or other means to prevent the key from being lost in transit. You must mail the package with a tracking number.
  3. Email the tracking number to

Keys must be shipped and received by the Valley Residence Education desk within 10 business days. Any key not returned by 5pm after 10 business days will be replaced and billed to your student account (cost = $100.00 for room key and $30 for temp access cards).


Cat Dollars roll over until the student leaves the institution (for Catdollars refund because you are leaving the institution or graduating, please check out the refund process here:


Check your email or the Smiota app to ensure you have all your mail and packages from the desk. If you have mail, please visit the Valley Residence Education Office to claim it before departing campus. Update your mailing addresses with 3rd parties such as USPS, Amazon, Chegg, and others. All mail and packages will be returned to sender the following Monday after you moved out.

Students must also go the portal to update the Mailing Address so that the University will be able to send communication to you accordingly. The instruction is here:


Please review the maps below for guidance on parking for move out. Follow designated signage in lots and only park in areas designated for loading.

Spring 2024 Move out Parking

Move out parking North





South Campus move out parking map

Move out map for parking (SOUTH)