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University Honors Program

Available to: First year students for Fall 2024 (By Invitation Only) 

Located in: El Portal, 4th Floor 

The University Honors Program LLC is available for first-year students accepted to join the UC Merced Honors Program. University Honors Program (UHP) scholars will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with their peers while residing in the same LLC. While living in the same community, UHP students will engage with their peers, attend exclusive professional development workshops, and organize study groups to stimulate productive conversations.  

UHP students will have curricular and co-curricular requirements. Curricular requirements include honors courses and seminars. Co-curricular requirements include two experiences: Experiential Learning and Community, Mentorship, and Leadership.  

Our UHP LLC will provide additional support for UHP students by offering resources and community directly on campus.  

Interested students that would like to learn more about our University Honors Program and UHP LLC can visit our website at honors.uc