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Safety and Emergency Procedures

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Residents are expected to keep safety at the forefront when living on campus and utilize the available safety resources. Please report any unsafe items or behaviors to the office immediately.

After-Hour Duty

There are two levels of staff on duty when the Housing and Residence Life office is closed: RAs and Coordinators (RLCs). The RAs on duty are trained for emergencies and serve as our first line of response. The RAs can be reached at 209-224-7553 for Valley Terraces; 209-756-3972 for Cathedral and Tenaya; 209-756-3296 – Sierra Terraces; and 209-917-0190 for Half Dome. The coordinators are full-time professional staff who will respond to more serious situations.

Blue Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are placed strategically throughout the campus. In an emergency only, simply press the button on the phone and it will connect you directly to UC Merced's Department of Public Safety Dispatch.

Community Service Officers (CSO)

Under the supervision of the UC Merced Department of Public Safety, student Community Service Officers (CSO) serve as additional eyes and ears. At no charge to students, CSOs provide safety escorts between buildings or to parking lots on campus. Contact Police Dispatch at 209-228-2677 (CAT-COPS) to request an escort. Safety escorts are available from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends. CSOs are in constant radio contact with the Department of Public Safety.

Fire Safety

Emergency procedures and evacuation maps are posted on the back of each bedroom door and can be downloaded below.
In Cathedral and Tenaya Halls, there are evacuation assistance locations for persons that may have difficulty evacuating. The locations are identified with signage and shown on the emergency evacuation map posted in each bedroom. Instructions on how to summon assistance are posted in the evacuation assistance locations.

Glacier Point Fire Evacuation Maps

Cathedral & Tenaya Hall Evacuation Maps
Higher Education Opportunity Act Annual Fire Safety Report


For your safety, each resident is issued a metal key that operates both the bedroom door and suite door (if applicable). To protect you, your personal belongings and those of your room/suitemates, keys cannot be loaned or given to another person. Residents should take their keys with them whenever they leave, and close and lock their doors behind them. Spare keys are available at the Housing and Residence Life office for residents to sign out (30-minute maximum) with a picture ID should they lock themselves out. Residents who have more than three lockouts during the year will be charged for the service. When the office is closed, please contact the RA on duty. Residents must report lost or stolen keys to the office immediately. A key replacement fee of no more than $90 will be assessed. Students living in The Summits are also issued a $5 key replacement fee for their mailbox.

Mass Notification

The Summits (Cathedral, Half Dome and Tenaya Halls) are equipped with a Mass Notification System (campus wide paging system). This system is used to notify the campus of an emergency situation that may require specific instructions and could be used during a severe weather event, natural disaster, or other emergency event. Amber strobe lights will flash and a pre-tone will sound pending an announcement.

Do not evacuate the building unless instructed to do so. Remain in your location and listen for further instruction. Strategically placed Bluelight standards equipped with Blue Phones are capable of amplified announcements in conjunction with the Mass Notification System.

Safety and Maintenance Inspections

Housing staff may enter your living spaces to conduct safety and maintenance inspections. You will be informed via UC Merced email and postings on your door at least 24-hours in advance of these inspections. We will look for safety infractions (unauthorized pets and appliances), dangerous wiring, general cleanliness for health reasons and maintenance concerns. Infractions will be communicated in writing, with any damage charges and/or instructions to remedy the situation. A re-inspection may be conducted after a specified date.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are placed in strategic locations in many of the public areas of Housing and Residence Life.

UC Merced Police

The housing staff works very closely with the UC Merced Department of Public Safety, which is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. As a resident student, you will see police officers quite frequently walking through our community. Feel free to stop any officer to chat or ask questions. For both emergency and non-emergency matters, feel free to contact the dispatcher at 209-228-2677. Use the Blue Phone for emergencies only. The Campus has developed a website that contains information on “Your Right to Know” that contains important safety information. 

2014 Safety Matters Report