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Cancellation Request

Whether you decide to live off campus or will no longer be attending UC Merced, once you have signed a housing contract, you will need to submit a written request to officially cancel your contract.  

Before you move-in (Fall semester)

Resident and/or applicants who HAVE NOT yet taken possession of their room need to submit a written request to Housing & Residence Life to cancel their application before the June 1, 2019 cancellation deadline. Those who cancel after the deadline will be subject to a cancellation fee and will only be approved for criteria listed below.

After you move-in

Resident and/or applicants who HAVE taken possession of their room need to submit a written request to Housing & Residence Life to cancel their contract and will be subject to a $300 termination charge. Requests for cancellation will only be approved based on the criteria below. Residents will still be responsible for room fees until the cancellation is approved. Once a cancellation is approved, student must completely vacate assigned room and turn in keys to the housing office.

Submitting a Request for Cancellation

To request to cancel your housing contract, please complete the Housing Cancellation form on the Housing Portal. If needed, you will be able to upload any required supporting documentation. You should expect to receive a response within 72 business hours. 

If you cannot complete the form online you may complete a paper copy and turn it in the Valley Terraces housing office or mail a copy to: 

Housing Cancellations
Terrace Center Housing Office 
5400 N. Lake Road
Merced, CA 95340 

Please note that paper forms may take longer to process. Please make sure to include all supporting documentation. 

Cancellation Criteria

A contract may be cancelled only under the following circumstances:

  • Resident and/or applicant graduates
  • Resident and/or applicant transfers to another campus
  • Resident and/or applicant is dismissed from the university
  • Resident and/or applicant is a participant in the Educational Leave Program (ELP) or withdraws from the university
  • Resident and/or applicant is denied admission to UC Merced or resident and/or applicant is admitted to UC MERCED but fails to register, cancels registration, or admission is rescinded 
  • Resident and/or applicant participates in an approved Education Abroad Program
  • Resident and/or applicant presents proof of marriage that occurred during the term of the contract

Housing Charges and Cancellation Fees

If you are cancelling your contract for a future term, housing and meal fees will be removed from your student account within 72 hours. If you are cancellaing for a current term and are currently living in your room, housing and meal fees will be pro-rated based on the date you move out and turn in your keys.

The housing cancellation fee will be posted to your student account at the time your cancellation is approved. 

All fees due are payable to your student account as with any other student fee. If there are any remaining balances, they will be issues as a refund. Please refer to the Student Business Services website for full details. 

When submitting a cancellation online, you may request to appeal the housing termination fee. If you do not appeal at the time of cancellation, you may e-mail Martin Reed, Executive Director of Student Affairs Auxillaries, to submit your appeal. Appeal reviews may take up to three weeks.