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Policies and Procedures

When you finalize your room reservation, we will provide you with an event summary that covers the specific details. In the meantime, please see the information below for important things to know as we work together to plan your event.

Room Reservation Confirmation & Payment

Once a room reservation is placed with us and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail outlining the details of your reservation. University clients using a recharge are invoiced after the event. Clients not using a university recharge are required to pay the full balance seven (7) business days prior to their event.

Room Setup and AV

The Conference team will be in communication with you to detail your event so that the room is setup for your needs.

The Conference team will walk through with you to avoid unexpected damages, sign out any approved equipment, and provide you access to the space.

Non-paying events are required to clean up and return the space to its original set-up after using the space. This includes removing all trash to the dumpsters and vacuuming the carpet if appropriate.

Conference and Event Services maintains an in-house inventory of audio-visual equipment. A/V equipment and support must be ordered three (3) business days prior to your event. You may bring your own A/V equipment; however, it is your group’s sole responsibility and subject to daily set-up charges. Please note that Conference and Event Services is not liable for any theft or malfunctioning of outside A/V equipment brought in for an event.

Insurance for Non-UC Merced events

Non-UC Merced clients must submit a Certificate of Insurance or a letter of self-insurance to Conference and Event Services at least ten (10) business days prior to your event. The insurance coverage must indicate:

  • The Regents of the University of California specifically named as additionally insured
  • Policy dates covering the period of your event
  • Minimum coverage as specified in your contract

Event Storage and Material Handling

If your event requires the storage and handling of materials, please be sure to notify Debbie Henderson one month in advance of your event date – please have pertinent information ready such as delivery and setup schedule, shipping and receiving needs, and quantity of boxes expected to be received by Conference and Event Services.

Due to limited storage space, boxes must be delivered no earlier than 72 hours prior to your event date. All received boxes must be sent to the attention of Debbie Henderson, with the event name and event date referenced on each box. There is a $10 per box handling fee for any boxes received at our facility. Client is responsible for removing all packages and materials from the venue at the close of the event. A clean-up fee may be applicable if items are left behind.

Signage, Displays & Damages

Pre-approved signage is permitted in registration areas and immediately outside function rooms. Any additional locations must be approved in advance by the Conference and Event services office. We request that all signage, displays, and/or exhibit setups are of professional nature and quality, and that they conform to Merced County Fire Code regulations.

In order to safeguard university property, Conference and Event services prohibits the use of nails, staples, push pins, and/or tape to adhere any type of signage or displays to walls, furniture, or any part of our facilities. In the event these items are used without prior authorization and damage to university property is caused as a result, all repair, clean-up, and/or replacement costs will be charged to the client’s master bill. Please speak with a conference team member who can facilitate the rental of easels to display your signage.

Please note that Conference and Event Services is not responsible for the retention or removal of any signs, banners, and/or decorations. In addition, we are not liable for the security of our clients’ audiovisual equipment, whether owned or rented, or any other special equipment used during the event.


Please inform Debbie Henderson at as soon as possible if you need to cancel your event. Please be advised that departments and organizations who fail to cancel in advance on multiple occasions may be in jeopardy of losing their access to reserve the room in the future.

Conference & Event Services
Debbie Henderson
office: 209-228-3137

Conference & Event Services Front Desk
Half Dome 195
Direct Line: 209-228-2313
Conference Duty Phone number: 209-349-2155