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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Off-Campus Housing
Learn more about off-campus housing options in the Merced area. Still have questions? Please email
Residential Meal Plans
Residential Meal Plans
All-you-care-to-eat meal plans ensure residents always have access to nutritious and delicious options at UC Merced.
Frequently Asked Questions
We're here to help. Get answers to some of the most common questions about UC Merced housing and campus life.
Living Learning Communities
UC Merced's Living Learning Communities enhance student learning, aid intellectual development and bridge in-class and out-of-class experiences.


What is RHA?

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is elected from the resident-student population & charged with serving as the voice for the residents of UC Merced. Their primary responsibilities are but not limited to:

  • Serve as a bridge between student residents and professional staff in the Housing Department at UC Merced.
  • Create exciting activities that all residents can participate in.
  • Draft, review, and confirm provisions specifically intended to improve the overall well-being of UC Merced’s Housing Community.
  • Represent the Housing Community accurately and effectively at all times.
  • Fund organized groups on campus for events primarily targeted at housing residents.
  • Improve UC Merced’s retention rate.

Click here to see our 2019-2020 RHA Constitution

Who is RHA?

The general body of RHA is comprised of one executive board and 3 representatives from each community council. The executive board is voted upon the previous year to serve the following academic year, as opposed to representatives who begin their term immediately after being elected by their community council. The RHA executive board positions include the following. President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Vice President of Sustainability, and Vice President of Advocacy.

President - Joshua "Mac" Jones

terrace center building


Hello, my name is Joshua Jones, but I am known to many as Mac. I’m proud to say I will be serving as the RHA President for the 2019-2020 school year at UC Merced. I am from Sacramento, CA and I’m currently entering my second year as a Management and Business Economics Major with a minor in Political Science. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, skateboarding, playing pool, and spending time with family and friends.


VP of Operations - Alex Bautista

terrace center building


I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I will be a sophomore for the year 2019-2020 at UC Merced. I will be the Vice President of Operations. I plan on majoring in Political Science and having a minor in Economics. Some of my hobbies are to read manga, watch anime, watching anything scary, and I also like to run.


VP of Communications - Juliann Clear

terrace center building


Hey, my name is Juliann Clear, and I am the VP of Communications for RHA. I am from Escondido, CA which is near San Diego. I am a second-year human biology major. Some fun facts about me are that I love Dr. Pepper, I enjoy sitting outside and listening to music, and I like going to the Nickel Arcade.


VP of Programming - Tania De Lira-Miranda

terrace center building


Hi, my name is Tania De Lira and I am a third year who is majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy. I will be the RHA Vice President of Programming which means that I will in charge of planning and executing programming events for the housing community which can range from small events that will take place in the university to large events that can take place off-campus. My hobbies include reading books, watching Netflix/Hulu, and playing video games.


VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Elections take place in Fall 2019

The Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion works with the VP of Programming to work on programs and help events be more inclusive to everyone in the housing community. They also work alongside the VP of Advocacy to represent RHA at school wide events if funding permits. They are responsible for reaching out to the different groups in the housing community and the clubs/organizations at the school. They are also responsible for inviting those organizations to the programs to show RHA's commitment to helping the different communities on campus and their interest to the things that happen in UC Merced. All details subject to change at any time by RHA general body.

VP of Sustainability

Elections take place in Fall 2019

The Vice President of Sustainability is responsible for working alongside Eco-Reps to push sustainable living in the housing community. Educate RHA about sustainable practices that need to be taken place in order for the school to reach its zero waste initiative. Give monthly reports provided by the Recycling Center on how much trash, compost, and recyclable items is being received.All details subject to change at any time by RHA general body.

VP of Advocacy

Elections take place in Fall 2019

The Vice President of Advocacy is primarily responsible for leading all advocacy based projects alongside the President that stem from community council and RHA based on what the residents want. They are responsible for serving on the auxiliary board alongside the President in addition to the final person who campaigned for the position. This will be effective 2020-2021. They conduct biweekly community reports to RHA, these reports are intended to truly give the community a voice. Therefore no such thing as “no updates” from community’s is allowed. They actually go within the community’s and conduct surveys, VP of advocacy can ask for assistance from both RHA and CC to help advertise survives to the community. The VP of Advocacy is responsible for representing RHA at other school-wide events alongside the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, as long as funding is available and approved by RHA. Upon its return it has two weeks to present a powerpoint to RHA on what it learn or outcomes of the events. All details subject to change at any time by RHA general body.


Are You Interested In Joining?

If you'd like to be considered for a position, please fill out this form.


What is Community Council?

Community Councils (CC) are essentially branches that stem from RHA, they each act independently, occasionally collaborate on programs, but ultimately are still apart of RHA. Each community has a council made up of residents who live in that community to govern the territory. The community council has a similar structure to RHA as it has a President, a Director of Operations, Director of Communications and a Director of Activities. Each council also has 3 RHA Representatives that represent the community as a whole at RHA meetings. The community councils plan regular educational and social programs for the community to enjoy.

President - The role of the president in community council is to set and carry out the agenda for each weekly meeting. Also serve as the chief liaison between councils and RHA. They must reach out to their community to understand its wishes and concerns and bring those up to the council to make a change.

Director of Operations - The role of Director of Operations is to maintain the budget and update the community on all purchases carried out by the community council. Director of Communications- The role of Director of Communications is to market all programs and activities taking place in the community. They are responsible for keeping track of all social media, creating flyers and banners to keep the community updated.

Director of Communications - The role of Director of Communications is to market all programs and activities taking place in the community. They are responsible for keeping track of all social media, creating flyers and banners to keep the community updated.

Director of Activities - The role of Director of Activities is to create and plan programs for the community to enjoy. The programs can be educational, they can be fun, or they can be both!

RHA Representative - Elected by the council, the role of the RHA representative is to represent the community’s thoughts and opinions at RHA meetings. RHA representatives update their own respective councils on actions taken place RHA, while also updating the RHA general body of actions take place by the community council.

When & Where does RHA Meet?

Every Tuesday evening at 8:00pm in the Crescent Arch Room.

*The Crescent Arch Room is located in Half Dome on the first floor behind the Marketplace Express.


How Does My Organization Get on the Agenda?

Fill out and submit a proposal form 2 weeks in advance to the meeting.


Connect With Us!


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