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Living Learning Communities

Descriptions of each LLC can be found below, as well as by clicking here.

If you have specific questions regarding housing, including the cost of housing and meal plans, please visit the housing website.

Fiat Lux

Available to: First-year students((by invitation only))

Located in: First and third floor of Tenaya Hall

Fiat Lux is aimed to enhance students' academic performance, drive, ambition and overall college experience. Members of this program are encouraged to live together as part of the Fiat Lux Living Learning Community. Fiat Lux residents will have the opportunity to participate in monthly faculty receptions and participate in the common course USTU 10.

Interested students should visit the Fiat Lux website or contact Fiat Lux at

Natural Sciences Living Learning Communities

Available to: First-year students

Located in: Glacier Point

Students in the School of Natural Sciences may participate in a one of four academically themed Natural Sciences Living Learning Communities. The communities include:

These four houses are special residential communities cosponsored by the School of Natural Sciences, which houses Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Systems Science and Physics.

Interested students should contact Jose Martinez at

In the news: 

Science-Themed Living Learning Communities Enjoy Success Debut

Leadership and Service Living Learning Communities

Available to: First-year students. All first-year students who complete the full year of the Leadership and Service LLC are eligible to participate in the second-year experience of the Leadership and Service LLC.

Located in: El Portal (first-year students) 

The Leadership and Service Living Learning Community is open to first-year students who are interested in exploring and developing leadership and becoming an active and engaged member of their community.

Interested students should contact Jess Evora at or Vernette Doty at


Available to: First-year and continuing students

Located on: Granite Pass

The AFRO (Afrikans for Recruitment and Outreach) Hall Living Learning Community welcomes first-and second-year students from all cultures within the African diaspora who are interested in exploring their African and black identities while enhancing their collegiate experience through networking and mentorship opportunities, academic support, and community engagement.

The program was established by student leaders of the AFRO Organization to unite students in the African diaspora and to increase the retention and four-year graduation rates through various resources that enhance students’ academic success. As a signature initiative of the AFRO student organization, AFRO Hall provides opportunities for scholars to engage in three student success-driven focus areas:

  1. Community building and cultural capital
  2. Academic excellence and retention strategies
  3. Community outreach and servant leadership

Not only was AFRO Hall made possible by student advocacy, but this community remains today thanks to the commitment of student leaders of the AFRO student organization and their partnerships with staff and faculty across campus. If you are interested or have additional questions, please email, Liana Walker, Coordinator for Black Academic Success Initiatives at with the subject line “AFRO Hall Inquiry.”

Watch a video introduction to UC Merced's AFRO Hall by clicking here.

Transfer Living Learning Community

Available to: Transfer students

Located in: Valley Terraces

The Transfer Living Learning Community provides a supportive environment for transfer students to successfully transition to UC Merced’s culture and community.

As a community of transfer students transitioning from another campus to life here at UC Merced, we aim to provide resources that vary widely from freshmen services because we recognize the support you need is different. We do this by providing academic support for upper division courses, a transition course only for transfers, a close-knit community of students looking for a social experience that will help them build a network on campus and an opportunity to meet faculty and learn about the value of research.

If you would like to learn more about the Transfer LLC or have questions, please contact Program Coordinator Rosa Hernandez at



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