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Residence Halls



Resident Information

Work Orders

  • Install and connect to the UC Merced VPN
  • To see a step-by-step process on how to submit a work order, please visit here:
  • If you have submitted a Work Order and the issue is not resolved, or not completed within 36-48 hours, please contact, or call 209-228-2293. You do not need to submit another Work Order. Please include the work order number in your email.
  • If urgent (fire, water damage, safety), please call 1-855-234-0579.
  • Please make sure you have the RA on Duty phone number in your contacts, in case you need it for any after-hour issues.
  • Please be sure you have the UC Merced Police Department Dispatcher phone number: 209-228-2677 in case you need it.



  • Please clean after yourself every time - leave it even cleaner than before use. Please wash your dishes, pots, and pans; put everything you used back where it belongs; and wipe down the counter areas.
  • If you are using the public fridge in the kitchens, label your items with your name and room number on it, use containers and zip lock bags for food stores in the kitchen fridge or freezer. Please keep the fridge and freezer clean. 



Flushable Wipes and paper towels – although you can buy flushable wipes, they are not resolvable, and will clog toilets and drains; we have been experiencing both on north and south campus. The only item that can go down the toilet is toilet paper.


Public Property

Please do not remove furniture or signs from the lounges and hallways. You will be charged for any missing items.


Lock and Access

  • Please do not allow strangers to enter behind you into your residence hall.
  • Please keep your door locked at all times when you are not in your room.
  • Please return temporary access cards to the office if you have not done so to avoid charges.


HVAC Information (North Campus Residents)

Standard cooling and heating setpoints for Campus Housing are 74-75 degrees F and 68-70 degrees, depending on if it's winter or summer. Please see below for more specifics.

Valley Terraces

Although the thermostat can be set exceedingly low, the systems are designed to maintain temperatures above 70 degrees.

Please keep your thermostats set between 72 to 76 degrees to keep the HVAC system working efficiently and help meet our sustainability goal. 

Mariposa and Tuolomne Heating and cooling setpoints for the suite can be adjusted in “Room A” by +/-2 degrees using the buttons on the right side of the thermostat. Room B thermostat can not be adjusted.
Half Dome

Windows –Air conditioning and heat will turn off automatically when your window is not latched and closed.

Heating and cooling setpoints can be adjusted by +/-2 degrees using the buttons on the right side of the thermostat. 

Cathedral and Tenaya

Residents cannot adjust the thermostat in the suites. Please keep windows closed during high heat times.


El Portal, Sentinel Rock, Glacier Point, and Granite Pass Room windows have sensors that will cause the heating and air conditioning to stop functioning if you open the window. If you find your heating/air conditioning is not working, please ensure the window is completely closed before submitting a work request. Learn more about south campus facilities by clicking this link or pasting this link into your browser:



Fire Safety

  • No appliances in the rooms. Please refer to Handbook ( for details. Here’s the process we will follow when there’s a fire safety violation in the rooms:
    • An incident report will be created for conduct process.
    • Resident will get notification from the Res Education office/conduct officer about the violation.
    • Conduct officer will communicate or meet with the student who violated policy.
    • Conduct officer will decide if the student is responsible or not responsible for the violation and will decide on sanctions.
    • Please check out the conduct process here: <link>
  • Fridge size allowed – 4.2cubic feet.
  • Number of fridges and microwaves allowed based on room types:

    Room Type

    Number of Mini Fridges Allowed

    Number of Microwaves Allowed














  • Extension cords and power strips – Power strips state the maximum volts, watts, or amps on the bottom of the power strip. Do not overload extension cords and power strips.
  • Please remove and dispose regularly of recycling and trash (items that could add to the spread of fire)  from your rooms.


South Campus Furniture and Room Type

  • Those rooms that are set up with triples, we will keep them as triples for the rest of the year. These are designated triples.
  • We are waiting for the rest of the safety rails here and all triple beds should have safety rails.
  • Bed ends are set up as ladders to the top bunk. If you are having issues using bed ends as a ladder to get up to the top bunk, please email
  • If you feel that you need to get furniture out of the room, please email, we will look at your room and will do our best.