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How can I prepare now to be an RA?

Can I apply to be an RA for just one semester?

  • No. The application is for a full academic year only.
  • Current RA’s can qualify to work through summer if interested. Limited positions available.

What can I gain from being an RA?

  • In addition to supplemental housing and pay, you can gain essential skills that are the most sought after by employers. This includes written communcations skills, conflict management, crisis response, and common business software skills.

When will the interviews take place?

  • Interviews are expected to take place on March 7th, 2023 - March 14th, 2023. 

What is to be expected during the individual interviews?

  • Individual interviews will measure the candidate’s ability to perform essential functions of the position. Interviews will consist of questions centered around topics such as community development, academic support, crisis response, diversity and conflict management.

What is required in addition to my online application?

  • The RA position writes a lot of documentation; grammar, spelling and formatting are important. For information about how to polish your resume, visit the student employment website or walk into their office located at SSB 230. A good resume will highlight your skills and experiences that align with those posted in the RA job description. See the "What does it mean to be an RA?" page for insight on the position.

How do I get an electronic, Unofficial Transcript?

  • Visit the registrar site and follow the instructions to access and download your transcript from the portal. This will be attached in the online job application, along with your resume
  1. Log into
  2. Select MyStudentRecord.
  3. Select Academic Transcript.
  4. The transcript you upload must clearly indicate your name. PDF is preferred.
  5. Attach your electronic transcript as document type "other" in your Handshake RA application. 

Should I add references to my resume?

  • No. References are not required for this application process.

What does it mean and what is required to be a Returning RA?

  • Returning Resident Assistants are students with at least one semester of previous RA experience at UC Merced. Returning Resident Assistants are expected to act as role models for not only their residents, but also their peers. In addition to providing experience on the job, returning RAs will be expected to participate in Resident Hall Association, provide support to our housing offices and participate in campus events. An additional $25 biweekly pay will be provided for returning RAs. Speak to your supervisor if you are a current RA and are interested in returning for another year. A returning RA will have at least one semester of service by August 21, 2023.

If I am applying to be an RA, do I also need to apply for on campus housing separately?

  • Candidates who want campus housing for 2023-2024 should follow all deadlines and processes that are applicable to all students. If a candidate is hired to be an RA, their housing contract will be converted to a student staff contract.
  • All students who accept an RA position will be required to submit a housing application.
  • Learn more about 2023-2024 housing contracts and deadlines here.
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